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    Why Join Knowledge Alliance?

    Knowledge Alliance members set the policy and direction of the organization. Each member receives a seat on the Board and plays an active role in deciding the advocacy agenda and organizational priorities. Knowledge Alliance Membership Brochure

    Policy Influence

    Knowledge Alliance members leverage their collective strength and expertise to influence federal education policy at a level greater than they could on their own. Knowledge Alliance staff work closely with top-notch government affairs consultants on congressional and executive agency advocacy efforts, and members can weigh in on specific issues of importance to their organization through regular policy conference calls.  Members may also participate in organized DC advocacy events on the Hill that take place throughout the year.  Thanks to their strong relationships with senior level staff in Congress and at Executive agencies, Knowledge Alliance staff are also able to provide members with ongoing monitoring of specific issues.

    Peer Networking

    Knowledge Alliance members have unique access to a network of like-minded, leading education organizations focused on improving educational outcomes for our most disadvantaged students. Annual in-person gatherings bring members together for knowledge sharing, brainstorming and collaborative problem solving.  Board meetings and forums, the annual communicators institute and other events also provide members with opportunities to get to know one another, share information, and build partnerships.

    Washington Visibility

    Washington Visibility

    Members are able to stay informed of policy developments, new research, media coverage and personnel transitions through the Knowledge Alliance Weekly Update.  In addition, members have access to analysis by our government affairs consultants on policy proposals, legislation and hearings.  To dive more deeply into topics, members can set up individual consultations with Alliance staff or presentations to their organization.

    How to Join

    Our Board of Directors encourages organizations that are committed to our mission and share our core beliefs to apply for membership. Interested organizations should contact Michele McLaughlin at michele@knowledgeall.net.